As Floridians, we know that every year preparing ahead of our infamous hurricane season is a must. Hurricane season in Florida officially begins June 1st for five months, ending in November. Peak hurricane season occurs in August and September, bringing with it high-speed winds and heavy rain. Northeast Florida locals will want to be extra prepared this year as weather forecasts are predicting an ‘extremely active’ 2024 hurricane season, supposedly one of the most active on record. This is due to there being an 82% chance that this year’s El Niño wind pattern will transition to La Niña in summer or fall, which will enhance the storm and bring heavier winds and rainfall.

At Hagan Ace Hardware, we believe that hurricane preparedness is of the utmost importance. We supply all of the equipment you need to keep your family safe during turbulent weather on the First Coast. Northeast Florida locals residing in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Amelia Island, or near waterways like St. Johns River, the Intracoastal Highway, or Atlantic Ocean should read on to get our top tips on how to prepare for the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

1. Form a Plan

First thing’s first, get an emergency plan into place for you and your family. This will provide peace of mind and ensure you’ve got your bases covered upon entering into Florida hurricane season. Be sure to include a plan of action that caters to each individual need for your children, seniors, and pets. Draft a plan for sheltering in place, as well as a plan for evacuating in the case that you need to leave your home. If you have to leave quickly, you’ll want to have a plan in place for your belongings – both what you’re bringing with you and leaving behind. Establish an up-to-date list of emergency contacts to keep safe and accessible.

2. Stay Informed

While we may be entirely used to our annual hurricane season as native Florida residents, at the end of the day, mother nature can be unpredictable. It’s up to us to do our due diligence in staying informed with local news outlets and weather forecasts and doing everything we can to prepare and stay safe. Signing up for weather alerts from local officials and downloading the FEMA app are excellent ways to easily stay in the know with hurricane season. Knowing what evacuation zone ahead of time is a great way to be prepared in the case that you need to leave quickly. Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida locals can check their evacuation zones here.

3. Prepare Your Home

Florida hurricane season can bring with it exterior destruction and can be quite unforgiving on Florida homes. While our foundations are built for hurricane season and our general climate, it’s still entirely important to take extra steps in securing your home. Secure outdoor items like garbage cans, furniture, and garden tools, board up windows, reinforce your garage doors, secure your roof, and make sure all trees and shrubs are trimmed ahead of hurricane season. Storm panels are never a bad idea, thankfully Hagan Ace Hardware supplies some of the best brands.

4. Stock Your Emergency Essentials

With 11 stores across Northeast Florida, Hagan Ace Hardware is a premier choice for stocking your Florida home with the emergency essentials you need to confidently weather the storm safely and comfortably with your family. We recommend building an emergency kit that includes a week’s worth of non-perishable foods and water for each household member as well as the following:

  • Medical & Hygiene Supplies
  • Basic Tool Kit
  • Can Opener
  • Cooking & Eating Utensils
  • Broom & Mop
  • Trash Bags
  • Power Bank
  • Pet Supplies
  • Camp Stove
  • Ice Chest
  • Water Storage Containers

View our full supply checklist below and stop by your local Hagan Ace Hardware to stock up on supplies! We’re proud to serve the following Florida counties: Duval, Clay, Nassau, Flagler, Baker, Putnam, and St. Johns and are looking forward to helping you better prepare for the 2024 Florida hurricane season!

Hagan Ace Hardware's Hurricane Preparedness Supply Checklist

Hagan Ace Hardware stores are stocked and ready to provide many hurricane prep items and essential supplies. Make sure to stop by your neighborhood Hagan Ace Hardware. Click here to find our 11 store locations in Northeast Florida.

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