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Color your life with our wide selection of paints and supplies in the Greater Jacksonville area

Hagan Ace Hardware has everything you need for painting, staining, finishing and the tools you’ll need to do a perfect job. “Color Your Life” with our color matching paint technology. Bring in a sample of any color, paint or fabric, and we can match it giving you any color of paint you desire.

We have an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor paint, primers, stains and finishes. Our associates will make sure you have the proper tools—brushes, rollers, tape, etc.—so your painting project will be as easy as can be. Stop in today to see why amateurs and professionals alike keep coming back to Hagan Ace Hardware for all their painting needs.

Sealants & Caulking

From kitchens to bathrooms, indoors or out, Hagan Ace Hardware has caulk and sealants for every need.  Don’t let water and weather get the upper hand, visit Hagan Ace Hardware today!

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Choosing a color. 

Hagan Ace has hundreds of colors to choose from and the expertise to help.

The color of your flooring, as well as your furniture, are important to consider when choosing a paint color. Bring in a sample (such as a pillow case or drapery) to your local Hagan Ace and we can customize you a color to match. And if you have a hard time deciding between a couple, we can mix pint size samples for you to take home and try!

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Selecting the right sheen.

The sheen of a paint refers to how shiny the finish will look. Three of our most common sheens are listed below:

  • Flat & Matte: A flat sheen is typically used for ceilings or low traffic areas. Both flat and matte sheens are ideal for less-than-perfect surfaces and both provide a great depth of color.

  • Eggshell & Satin: Both eggshell and satin sheens provide a softly polished glow to color and an easy to clean surface, which makes it ideal for high traffic areas. These sheens are also useful for colored ceilings because they help reflect light.

  • Semi-gloss: A semi-gloss sheen is often recommended for trims and moldings, and is particularly durable.

Painting Checklist 

When painting a room in your home, you should consider purchasing the following materials:

  • Paint trays and liners

  • Paint rollers

  • Brushes

  • Trim brush

  • Stir sticks

  • Stain blocker/primer

  • Extension pole

  • Edger and pads

  • Stain blocker/primer

  • Painters tape

  • Drop cloth

  • Wall cleaner

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